How we work:

Step 1:

We meet you and gain an understanding of your products.

How do you sell in Denmark?

Which USP have your products?

What is your price/quality ratio?

Step 2:

We make a brief analysis regarding the market chances of your products.

What is that structure of the German market?

Who are your competitors?

How do your competitors sell in Germany?

Step 3:

Let’s start!
Together with you, we develop a strategy to enter the market.

How can you reach your customers?

Which form of acquisition is best?

Which advertising-forms are probate?

Are there interesting tradeshows etc.?

Step 4:


We arrange and/or lead the first contacts.

Do you need a sales organization in Germany?

On your demand, we assist you in finding qualified human resources.

Are you looking for agents or employees?

Do you need a service organization?